The Bock family is truly a national and international success story: this is borne out by our award-winning wines, our gastronomic successes and satisfied returning customers.

FamilyThe Bock Cellar is a family enterprise. Viticulture and wine-making has been a tradition in the family for many decades, if not centuries.

Our ancestors settled in Hungary from Germany in the 18th century. The family has been involved in viticulture and wine-making in the Villány wine region since 1850. Since then a love of wine and the knack of how to make it have been carried from father to son, out of which the present family enterprise has grown.

Today’s successes Are clearly linked to an understanding wife and stable family. József Bock’s wife Valéria previously worked as a teacher but she sacrificed her vocation as the firm expanded.

It was natural for the children to tread the well-worn path of their parents, and so today the whole family is actively involved in the business. It can therefore be stated that at present two generations of Bocks are represented behind the Bock logo.

Come to know the Bock dynasty and its head through a personal interview with winemaker of the year, József Bock.