Do visit our Villány cellar! Apart from our familiar range of wines you can taste some real treats and catch a glimpse of the winemaker’s craft.

Bock CellarBetween Sunday and Friday, a cellar tour will depart every day at 4:00 PM at Bock Cellar. On Saturdays, two cellar tours will be available, the first starting at 2:00 PM and the second at 5:00 PM. We enhance the program with a tasting of two wines during the cellar visits. The cost of the cellar tour will be 1500 HUF per person, payable on-site. The meeting point is in the hotel courtyard, next to the tasting room. We kindly ask visitors to arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time for a smooth start of the program! The cellar tour is free for guests under 18 years of age; however, we are unable to offer them wine. Groups can only be accommodated by prior arrangement. For inquiries, please contact:

In the course of your visit you can also visit our wine processing plant..

Our Cellar, which can be visited freely, is a two-storey structure and therefore operates as processing plant, warehouse and cellar all in one. Construction began in 1994, and it was completed in three phases (1994-1996, 1998-1999, 2002-2003). In 2008-2012 new investment took place, in the course of which were constructed for the processing and storing of wine a number of “room cellars”, a processing plant, two cellar wings (one 30 and the other 100 metres long) and a circular cellar. Storage capacity rose: at present we have at our disposal 1,400 barrique barrels as well as a steel container suitable for storing 2,300 hl.

Bock Chapel, circular cellar

At the end of the Bock 100-metre Cellar can be found the interestingly formed circular cellar, otherwise known as the Bock Chapel. Due to its special acoustics, lighting technology and atmosphere it is an excellent venue for concerts and wedding ceremonies of 100-120 people.

Jammertal Cellar

Our Jammertál Cellar may only visited on special occasions. The cellar had been in the family since 1850 when it was confiscated from us in 1946; in the end it was repurchased in 1958 by Antal Bock. We began to deepen the cellar in the 1970s, the conversion taking until 1994. At present 400 hl of wine can be stored in the cellar, but these days only our very special wines rest in it. Small quantities of special museum wines can be found here stretching back to 1981.

Bock Cellar Picture Gallery