Bock Libra Cuvée 2012

Villány premium red wine with protected designation of origin

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Tasting notes

A cuvee made from resting the juices of Villány’s Ördögárok (Cabernet Franc 50%), Jammertal (Cabernet Sauvignon 25%) and Fekete-hegy (Merlot 25%) for 24 months in French and Hungarian oak barrels. A full-bodied, concentrated wine with an incredible wealth of aroma and depth of flavour. It is characterized by a deeply intense colour verging on black in which tobacco and milk chocolate appear alongside overripe fruit. Alongside the dried fruits, chocolate is a dominant element of its flavour.


Bock Libra is available from the following years: 2012

  • AWC Vienna 2015 - Silver Medal
  • Decanter World Wine Award 2016 - Silver medal
  • Villányi Borverseny 2018 - Gold medal
  • Concours Mondial Bruxelles 2016- Silver medal
  • AWC Vienna 2016- Silver medal
  • Magyarországi Németek Bora 2017- Gold medal
  • AWC Vienna 2017- Silver medal
  • Vinagora Nemzetközi Borverseny 2017- Gold medal
  • Villányi borverseny 2019- Big gold medal

2012 was a year of extreme cold and hot temperatures. The winter freeze was followed by a long, dry spring and summer. The extra warmth brought early budding and an early vintage. The year produced wines of outstanding quality and high alcohol content

Wine characteristics

Degree of dryness: Dry
Sugar content (g/l): 1,5
Alcohol content (%): 15,32
Titratable acidity (g/l): 5,2
Sugar-free extract (g/l): 33,6

Viticultural data

Cultivation area: Villány Wine Region
Vineyards: Fekete-mountain, Jammertal, Ördögárok
Characteristic soil: Limestone, loess
Grape types and percentage: Cabernet Franc 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 25%, Merlot 25%
Age of vines: 8-32 years
Burden of production: 0,8-1 kg/vine
Vintage time: October, 2012

Winemaking data

Fermentation: vat
Method of fermentation: controlled
Maturation: barrique barrels
Maturation period: 24 months
Bottling time: 03.25.2015.

Commercial data

Quantity (piece): 2.400
Cellar gross retail price: 20.000 HUF
Market entry: 02.01.2018.

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