Bock Capella Cuvée 2007

Villány premium red wine with protected designation of origin.

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Tasting notes

The great selection of the cellar, made only in exceptional years.  Made from selections from Ördögárok Cabernet Franc (60%) and Merlot (10%) and Jammertál Cabernet Sauvignon (30%) matured for 24 months in new oak barrels. A full-bodied, concentrated wine with an incredible wealth of aroma and depth of flavour. It is characterized by a deeply intense colour verging on black in which tobacco and milk chocolate appear alongside overripe fruit. Alongside the dried fruits, chocolate is a dominant element of its flavour.


We have run out of Bock Capella 2007.


  • Vinagora 2012, Gold
  • Monde Selection 2011, Silver
  • Prestige Reserve 2012, Grand Prix
  • Concours Mondial Bruxelles 2010, Silver

2007 saw the warmest winter to date, with early budding and flowering at the end of May. July brought record temperatures, and benevolent August rains were followed by a dry, warm autumn. The vineyards preceded their average condition by two or three weeks. We were not surprised by the early vintage.

Wine characteristics

Degree of dryness: Dry
Sugar content (g/l): n.d.
Alcohol content (%): 16,17
Titratable acidity (g/l): 5,0
Sugar-free extract content (g/l): 38,9

Viticultural data

Cultivation area: Villány Wine Region
Vineyards: Ördögárok, Jammertal
Characteristic soil: Limestone, loess
Grape types and percentage: Cabernet Franc 60%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Merlot 10%
Age of vines: 4-27 years
Burden of production: 0,8 kg/vine
Vintage time: October, 2007

Winemaking data

Fermentation: vat
Method of fermentation: controlled
Maturation: barrique barrels
Maturation period: 24 months
Bottling time: 12.02.2009

Commercial data

Quantity (piece): 11.305
Cellar gross retail price: 25.000 HUF
Market entry: August, 2012

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